Review of Welcome to Paradise Series: Ava's Awakening by Heidi Lynn Anderson

I'm only going to be reviewing Ava's Awakening, unfortunately. *sighs* But hey! It's still going to be fun. Here's the thing, I have read dozens of sexed-up books, ranging from steamy to downright unmentionable. It's one of the genres I feel most comfortable reading, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. You would understand--based on the blurb--why I would be drawn to this series, right? Anyway, here's my review of it.

Title: Welcome to Paradise Series: Ava's Awakening, and Maggie's Longing 
Author: Heidi Lynn Anderson 
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Publication Date: April 3, 2015 
Published by: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
Source: Copy Given by Author and Tour Organizer


Ava's Awakening

When Ava stumbles into Paradise and comes face-to-face with her dream man, she has a feeling she’s standing on the precipice of something life-changing. Not to mention, she couldn’t be more surprised to learn her supposedly prim and proper aunt Julie was actually part owner of the premier sex club in Miami and a top-notch Dominatrix.

Navy SEAL Logan Turner always knew he needed more out of life than the next mission. That’s why he opened Paradise with his best friend Julie. It didn’t hurt that he could reap the benefits of owning a BDSM sex club. But when a sexy, doe-eyed woman walks in, his control slips for the first time ever.

Maggie's Longing

Who would have thought a plan to get the attention of one man, would have Maggie Blake taking two men to her bed?

Maggie Blake has one desire, to experience what the way too sexy Brian O'Malley has to offer in bed. Too bad he thinks of her as an annoyance and not as the hot, willing woman she is.

Brian O'Malley has one rule in life. Never let a woman too close, but club Paradise's sassy little bartender threatens to change that rule and wiggle her hot little ass into his damaged heart.

Julie's Surrender

Mistress Julie has worked to gain control of her life and overcome a tragedy from her past, and as a co-owner of Paradise, Miami’s premier BDSM club, she thought she had everything. But the truth is she longs for something more—something like the happiness her closest friends have found with their new partners.

Nick’s sexual specialty is playing “guest star” as the third in his friends’ ménage encounters. He’s especially good at reading a situation and adjusting accordingly, and giving and receiving pleasure—and then moving on. But once he meets Julie, Nick begins to rethink his ideas on relationships.

Nick and Julie get along great outside the bedroom, but Nick will need all his skills at discerning a woman’s deepest desires to show Julie that what she thinks she wants isn’t exactly what she needs.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here! 



Logan Turner is gorgeous, confident, and controlled. He's comfortable with his sexual prowess, and he knows his desires. He also knows that the woman he's been fantasizing about for quite some time now, will remain as that--a fantasy. But then the unexpected happened, and things changed.

Ava Cullen is confused. She's what most people would call "prim and proper". Working in an all-girls catholic school and experiencing trauma would do that to a woman. However, she's been having very vivid sexual dreams about a man he's never met before, and she's willing to discover this new side to her.


Ava's Awakening is an interesting book. I say interesting because it had such a strange effect on me. While I was reading the book, I became hooked and I couldn't stop reading. It's like the story was going the way it was supposed to. But then I stopped and put my e-reader down, and then I suddenly got hit by all the things I've found...odd in the entire book. Before I elaborate that, let me just say that this novel turned out tamer than what I expected of it, so I think more readers can try to immerse themselves in it.

There's nothing spectacular or different about the book's plot if I were being totally honest. Nothing that would make me go, "Ooohhh, I was not expecting that." But it did have some really interesting characters. People who are comfortable with their personalities as well as their sexuality. Ava is not at all a stiff nun-like woman. I mean, she's rooming with a hot fireman who has a habit of kissing her on the mouth as a greeting--with a bit of tongue, mind you. She's also not afraid to admit that she's turned on by the things she sees in her aunt's sex club. Her openness to exploring the things that would pleasure her is also not an act of a conservative woman, is it? What did I find lacking? The story was going too fast, it felt like I was skipping scenes. I'd like to especially point out Logan and Ava's first meeting; for a couple of people who claim themselves to be reserved and controlled, they're awfully forthcoming with details and emotions. The book all-in-all felt too fast and forced. It would have been so much better, I think if the author didn't try to squeeze it in less than 100 pages. (I got it in PDF form, and it was like 97 pages.)


Ava's Awakening is not at all bad. It was good, but it just wasn't that great for me. This is a relatively short novel that is both steamy and sweet.



By day, Heidi Lynn Anderson is a wife, mother, and owner of a small Green-Cleaning company. By night, she spins erotic tales featuring hunky heroes and the women they love. When not working or writing, Heidi likes spending time with her husband and son, doing what Florida has to offer. 


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